Oil & Gas

Safety is of paramount importance to the oil & gas industry, but in a competitive commercial environment this has to be achieved in a cost-effective manner.

The range of services offered by FCL can assist in achieving this aim in a number of ways: by the timely production of a high quality mechanical design package for new-build equipment; the execution of fitness-for-service assessments for damaged in-service equipment, which can avoid the need for costly unscheduled plant shutdown; the assessment of plant modifications to permit waiver of hydrotest, which can offer a very significant benefit to project schedules and costs.

FCL have a number of long-standing client relationships in this sector, including a major supplier of subsea flanges for whom we have provided a full flange design capability and other support services for over fifteen years.

Case studies covering some of the work that we have carried out in the oil & gas industry can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

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