Business as Usual

20th Nov 2019

Finglow Consultants Limited have recently taken on a new long term lease of the office premises at Beane Bridge House in Hertford.  Our address and contact details therefore remain as follows:

Beane Bridge House
34 Chambers Street
SG14 1PL

Tel:  01992 585450
Fax:  01992 585460


Earlier this year, CEI of Blue Springs, Missouri, USA acquired Finglow Limited and Finglow Research Limited, owners and distributors of the ‘Finglow Software’ products.  Although CEI continue to use the ‘Finglow’ name under a license agreement, Finglow Consultants Limited and CEI are entirely separate entities with no formal links or associations

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Business as Usual

20th Nov 2019

Finglow Consultants Limited have recently taken on a new long term lease of the office premises at ... Read More

Stanlow Oil Refinery Time-Lapse

16th Sep 2019

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